How Does Augmented Reality Help With SEO?

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With the rise of augmented reality, many businesses are wondering how this new technology can help with their SEO efforts.

AR is a great way to create engaging and immersive experiences for your customers, and it can also help you to rank higher in search engine results pages.

In this article, we’ll explore how augmented reality can improve your SEO strategy and explain some of the best ways to use it. Let’s get started!

What is augmented reality (AR) and how does it help my SEO efforts?

1. What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is a type of interactive technology that blends digital content with the physical world.

It superimposes graphics, sounds, and other digital enhancements onto physical objects and environments.

AR has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rise of mobile technology, game development, and immersive experiences.

SEO professionals can use augmented reality as a means to increase visibility in Google search results and rank websites on the first page of Google more easily.

This technology is often used for e-commerce applications that can enrich the shopping experience through virtual showrooms where customers can examine products up close. Isn’t that cool?

AR also provides businesses with unique opportunities to engage with their target audiences on a deeper level, thus improving the customer’s overall experience.

2. How can AR be used in SEO campaigns? 

AR can be used in SEO campaigns in a few different ways. For example, AR can be used to create an interactive experience for users that includes your website or product.

This can help potential customers learn more about what you offer and how it can benefit them. Additionally, using AR can help you stand out from the competition and attract attention to your brand.

3. What are some examples of successful AR campaigns that have increased traffic and engagement rates?

Augmented reality (AR) campaigns have grown in popularity due to their potential for providing enhanced user experiences.

One example of a successful AR campaign is the AR feature of Origin, a web browser from Electronic Arts.

This feature utilized an interactive storytelling experience and gave players the opportunity to discover hidden rewards.

The result was increased traffic and engagement rates compared to other gaming websites. Another example of a successful AR campaign is Handy’s SEO campaign.

This campaign extended its reach by using AR technology to give customers detailed instructions on how to fix household appliances in an entertaining way.

By combining AR features with location-based signals such as GPS, this campaign was able to give people relevant information at the right place and right time, eventually increasing website visits and customer engagement.

It goes without saying that ar campaigns represent a great opportunity for companies looking to increase their visibility and engagement rates, while also providing enhanced user experiences through innovative storytelling experiences.

4. How can you get started with using AR in your own SEO campaigns? 

If you’re thinking about how can you get started with using AR in your own SEO campaigns, here are a few ideas. First, make sure your website is enabled for mobile devices.

AR will not work on desktop computers. Then, use AR to create an interactive experience for your customers. For example, you can let them preview a product before they purchase it.

Finally, track customer engagement with AR and use that data to improve your SEO campaigns.

5. Are there any potential risks associated with using AR in marketing and advertising campaigns? How can these be avoided or mitigated?

Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly becoming a major player in marketing and advertising campaigns. But, with any new trend comes potential risks that must be identified and addressed. The risks associated with AR campaigns can range from legal to technical problems.

On the legal side, companies should ensure they are mindful of copyright, trademark infringement, and privacy regulations as they relate to any use of a third party’s data or content.

In terms of technical issues, it is important for companies to consider the technical requirements necessary to make the campaign work, such as device availability and social media sign-ups, in order to avoid any implication of unfairness or rigidity in consumer rewards.

To protect their campaigns from any potential risks, organizations could benefit from proper planning and research which includes analyzing how their competitors and partners have fared in using similar formats of ar campaigns, seeking appropriate advice and consultation from attorneys or AR experts, through thorough testing before launch.

By being aware of these risks and taking proactive steps to mitigate them, companies can ensure successful AR marketing campaigns with long-term engagement for their customers.

Here are 10 short examples of augmented reality usage

1. Navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze use AR to provide interactive navigation instructions.

2. Video streaming services such as Netflix are using AR to offer viewers an interactive experience for movie nights at home.

3. Retailers are using AR to enhance the shopping experience, from virtual try-on’s of clothing to interactive product displays.

4. Education apps such as Google Expeditions are using AR to give students a more immersive learning experience.

5. Real estate companies are using AR for virtual tours and property walkthroughs.

6. Art galleries are now using AR to allow people to explore art on a deeper level, with interactive animations and 3D models of artwork.

7. Restaurants are using AR to provide customers with interactive menus that can be used to order food or drinks.

8. Fitness apps are using AR for virtual workouts, complete with personalized coaching and guidance from trainers.

9. Car dealerships are now offering customers the chance to explore their showrooms from the comfort of their own homes with virtual car tours.

10. Virtual reality games using AR for providing a more immersive gaming experience, such as Pokémon Go and Minecraft Earth.


In conclusion, Augmented Reality is a remarkable and quickly growing technology that offers a whole new realm of possibilities for businesses to reach their target audiences through their SEO efforts.

It has the potential to revolutionize digital marketing, with applications from creating engaging user experiences to expanding customer outreach.

However, it is important to keep in mind some potential risks associated with using AR in marketing campaigns.

Thankfully, these can be avoided or mitigated with careful strategizing and creative solutions.

Overall, with some prior research and adequate planning and execution, AR can definitely be integrated into existing SEO campaigns, and in turn, help boost traffic and engagement rates.

If used correctly, AR could well be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to get ahead of the game. Why not try out some creative interactive ideas yourself?

If you are interested in learning more about Augmented Reality, just give us a call at SEO Pillar Master and our experts will be happy to provide further advice.

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